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Friday, March 24, 2006

Corporate Nerd Reveals Disturbing Sports Side

After showcasing Tim, our hottest nerd here to date, I stopped posting. I mean, I just didn't get any other nerd submissions that were any hotter or any nerdier than this gorgeous hunka-hunka boring love.

But suddenly, a bit of disturbing news has cast a pall on my geek.

I'm talking about sports. Got a gaming no problem? No problem. Star Wars? I'm star struck. Band geek? I'm on the bandwagon. But one thing that totally, completely and utterly turns me off is the sports geek.

I mean, have you ever listened to sports talk radio? It's more torturous than a segment of Dr. Laura and Sean Hannity. Combined. And it runs all day, catering to the inane whims of ex-frat boys and former 2-A high school running backs who apparently have hours of free time to debate the sucky-ness of the Royals or the outrageously wrong, misguided and ridiculous ranking of their college alma mater.

And (sigh) my sources have just revealed that my beloved Tim is just that. He's committed the cardinal sin of geeks and actually perpetuated a work e-mail thread about the NCAA.

Sorry, Tim, but I gotta let you go. I know it’s probably how you got those awesome washboard abs in the first place, but it’s time for me to find another, less sporty, geek to worship.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Corporate Nerd Cooler

Corporate nerds are everywhere, but sexy corporate nerds are a special treat. Maybe you know one, or maybe you think you know one. In any case, we got one of our hottest nerds to date to take off his tie and show us that he is just as much brawn as he is brains.

Tim A. is a rapper, a break dancer, a daddy and a Quality Assurance (say what?) heavy at KC's hottest ad agency, Barkley Evergreen & Partners. I have to admit he's the sexiest nerd I've seen to date. Tim, you can assure my quality anytime. Posted by Picasa

This is Aimee P. She wrote me on my space and said she was like the only cool girl nerd at Sprint. I don't doub it! But maybe since she's so cool all the cheesy dudes in dockers leave her alone. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 20, 2006

Famous KC Nerds

TGIF. To celebrate, I thought I'd do another fun nerd theme segment. So I'm saluting Kansas City's most famous nerds. Good or bad, ugly or cute -- I gotta give you props for putting your nerdiness out there and really letting it shine through.

OK. This is one of the coolest, nerdiest, funniest looking band guy I've ever seen in my life. I almost can't believe this is a band from Kansas City. They're Chasing 7. And I plan to chase them (this crazy dude in particular) like crazy when they play next at Davey's.  Posted by Picasa

I don't think I've ever seen a hotter local news nerd in my life than Jere. I know he's good looking, but he's also a complete and utter dork. You just don't ever run across that. Jere, if you ever see this and you happen to be single, please go to I mean, why not? I can already say I love waking up to you. Posted by Picasa

Lazlo is also a DJ on the buzz. He's actually an example of a bad nerd. This picture really says it all.  Posted by Picasa

Jeriney is a DJ on the only radio station (besides NPR) I can stand to listen to, 96.5 The Buzz. I went to her my space and was not surprised to find out that she's also a beautiful nerd. Think maybe I want to dye my hair that color. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Vanessa's girlfriend, a photographer, sent this to me last week: "what to say about nessa? she is gorgeous inside and out. glasses not glasses. lip balm or none. shower or none. god love her she is also the smartest person i know. she also has her fatal flaws like smoking too much and telling outlandish stories to total strangers at the dark horse tavern, but ah well, i still think she's the sexiest nerd girl imaginable. i won't even go into her creativity and poetry in the bedroom." Darn! We were just getting to the good part. Posted by Picasa

Meet Dimetri. His girlfriend Lola (not her real name) submitted this pic. I have to say, he is hot. But what makes Dimetri hot in Lola's eyes in his "computer wizardry" coupled with his "masterful mojo." Masterful mojo? Hmmm. I guess he's a smart lover, but Lola didn't go into much detail here on this one. No matter. Here's to nerdy lovin'! Posted by Picasa

Another babilicious hot girl nerd. Posted by Picasa

This is an example of an extremely "bad nerd" in every way possible. This guy's some sort of weight lifter who lives in Overland Park. Thank god I never go across the state line. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 16, 2006

My new nerdy friend, Lucky. Posted by Picasa

Girl Nerd

Here's just one of the few awesome, smart, intelligent and sexy female nerds here in K.C. I wish I could tell you more about Lucky, but, well, the truth is I just think she had the cutest nerd glasses picture, so I put her up as a special request.

Not to worry, more nerdy ladies to come on here really soon!

Good nerds ARE hard to find. But I found one. Posted by Picasa

Now, it's the good nerd's turn.

Just so you know, I'm an equal opportunity blogger here. So, duh, I gotta give props to one of our good nerds out there. I've yet to see a more perfect good nerd specimen than Justin.

His my space starts off with this "What Star Wars Character Are You?" Question. Well, of course since he's like the sweetest nerd in Kansas City, he's Chewbacca!

Justin is a member of the Mensa Drummers of the World (I had no ideat there even WAS such an organization) and includes The Pinball Affect as one of his favorite reads. He loves camping, eating, radio controlled cars and the universe.

And as you can see, he's like a totally hip dresser. To top it all off, he is a huge fan of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force -- was there ever a more cool, yet nerdy, yet HILARIOUS Series in the world?!

Oh, and he works at a grocery store so he can get free food. Wow.

Danney boy here is a perfect example of what I'm calling a bad nerd. Here are the top five things he looks for in a woman: ) nice ass 2) nice teeth 3)nice legs then the other two are things that have to be there once i meet or talk with you. 4) brains, cause if you cant have an intelligent conversation, then i am done. 5) be responsible, if you arent responsible enough to take care of what needs be done, and can't take care of your self, then once again i am done. Danney bartends, teaches dance, kick boxes, goes clubbing and loves sports. Oh, and he owns and albino ferret. Perhaps named Fi Fi. And, surprise, surprise -- he lives in Overland Park. Posted by Picasa

Is this person a real nerd?

OK. So I've been getting this question A LOT on my space. What makes a nerd a nerd? If you think about this long enough, it becomes complicated. But, since I've been doing this whole Naked Nerds for about a month now (with GREAT success on, I might add). I have answer.

You see, there are good nerds and then there are bad nerds. Good nerds are hot because they are really passionate about cool, creative stuff like art, literature, cooking, programming java and, of course, Star Wars. Bad nerds are not hot because they are really passionate about the opposite sorts of things, like weight lifting, bar hopping on The Paza, picking up lots of women, and -- worst of all -- themselves! God lord, there is nothing I hate worse than an egomaniac nerd!!!!

Crazily enough, there are so many out there! So, I thought I'd share one with you all. And DO TELL me, is this guy a good nerd or a bad nerd?

David is a 5'10 Aries. He loves Star Wars, metal, hard core (God, I have no idea what that means exactly, you gotta love a guy who uses "Star Wars" and "Hard Core" in the same sentence. I think he's sort of like a punk Crispin Glover, actually. Just look at those bangs!Did I mention David also works at Pizza Hut?  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crispin Glover is one of my favorite celluloid nerds. And it just so happens I found a Crispin look-a-like this weekend at the Tivoli. I see a lot more indie movies in my future. Posted by Picasa

Celluloid Nerds

Hey, I'm back! I went back to Omaha over the break and, whew, I'm wiped out! My myspace is freaking packed to say the least. I need to get back to all you hot nerds out there! Don't worry, I will soon.

So, I wanted to do a quick make-up post dedicated to, what else, but celluloid nerds. I went to a movie (by myself) this weekend after I got back. I found this neat little theater that in Westport called the Tivoli. (Westport, from what I can tell, is sort of the transplanted college bar ghetto. Kansas City isn't a college town, but they had to do something for the 20 somethings, so they created a fake drunktank just a hop, skip and a jump from the fake European shopping center. Perfect.)

Anyhoo, I saw THE CUTEST little nerds I'd ever seen in this city at the Tivoli. One was particularly spectacular. He had dark black hair, a shock of bangs that hung down EXACTLY like Crispin Glover's in Back to the Future. He kept pushing it out of his eyes in the cutest fashion possible.

And he had the biggest, nerdiest black glasses I've seen in years. Plus a tight sweater that showed off just the tinest bit of a paunch. Good god, I was drooling over this guy. I had to ask for extra butter at least twice because I was mumbling and stuttering so that he couldn't hear me.

There were some other nerds, there, too. One, in fact, had long hippy hair, was about 5 feet tall and wore suspenders. Anyway, if you guys are out there and you see this site, write to me. And we can discuss the decidely un-nerdy, but still stunning acting performance of Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall.

Toodles from your favorite Godess with Glasses

Friday, December 23, 2005

Here's Jesse. A corn-fed Iowa boy in ultra tight Daisy Dukes. Posted by Picasa

Meet Jesse, My First Naked Nerd

And the winner is … Jesse! Jesse gets the distinction of being the very first Naked Nerd because he was the first person to ask to be my friend on My Space. Jesse is also ultra-nerdy-nerdo brilliant.

First off, he’s a writer. His blogs are filled with all sorts of political, historical and literary references. (And, believe me, this doesn’t seem contrived. He’s just that adorably smart.)

Second off, he loves anything Shakespeare. Nuff said.

Third off, his quote says he’s a “Marxist of the Groucho Variety.” (Swoon.)

I love you, Jesse. Thanks for being my very first Naked Nerd.